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Hi guys! After a crazy few weeks of decorating and holidaying I’m determined to get back to regular blogging! I’ve finally finished Ruby’s room after waiting for the new carpet to be installed so thought it was time I wrote about the update!

Ruby is super creative herself and she set to work on Pinterest finding images of rooms she liked. She decided on a feature wall with geometric shapes and had a rough idea of colours but left me to make the final decisions while she went away with the Grandparents.

I started by making out where the lines should be on the wall. It was originally a ‘delightful’ magnolia tone which did mean it would be easy to paint on to. Once masked out I set to work finding the colours I wanted for the walls. I decided on Dove Grey and Light Duck Egg Blue, both Homebase own colours and also Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball. I did patches as I have serious memory issues and found this not unlike strange mathematical conundrums that bring me out in a sweat!

After a couple of coats had dried I peeled off the tape and repositioned it to mask off the lines between colours. I then used gold furniture paint in the gaps. This took a little faffing as there were overlaps so after most was painted, tape was repositioned again for the remaining bits of the lines.

The rest of the room was painted in Soothing White, again a Homebase colour. I have used their paint before and been pleased with the results, I did find it very watery this time though and would stick to a higher quality brand in the future. The carpet is a lovely grey tone that we’ve put in all the kids’ rooms which means it matches in with a variety of colour schemes.

I added an Ikea white blind, that I stuck a mini pom-pom trim on to (totally stole this idea from @thehomethatmademe on Instagram – thanks Charlotte!) After painting the side table to a clean white and removing about 5 bags of unwanted crap(!), finally putting a wardrobe door on and switching her floral bedding for a more geometric style (from H&M) the room was ready for HRH to peruse.

Ruby was really happy with the finished room (sigh of relief) and has set to work adding some more of her own bits and bobs around the room.

Next week I’ll be showing Harry’s room and how a little tweaking, meant his bedroom was massively transformed!

Thanks for reading, as always comment or come and find me on IG, I’d love to hear from you!

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