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Hello! How long has it been?! Too long..my plan to post weekly has been thwarted already. Sometimes in life I think we can put too much pressure on ourselves and life just got in the way for a bit. The good thing about a break is that you return invigorated and brimming with ideas!

Anywho, I’ll move on to the actual point of this blog post – the nearly teen’s room is complete! I’ve actually managed some photos of it before there are dirty clothes on the floor and the bed is made! A miracle to behold here!

All the products I bought are on the previous post ‘top teen boy products‘ so this is more just to show you how I styled them up and added bits I already had.

The tin cupboard was waiting to go on a skip run when I noticed it and dragged it in to the house – much to my son’s utter dismay! I love the industrial edge against the new products and I think mixing vintage with industrial and modern creates a much richer, layered look. (It’s also a handy place to store his tennis racket!)

I’m so pleased with how the look has come together and I think it’s grown up enough to last him for quite a few years. He also approves – the greatest compliment I could receive – albeit in the form of a monotone ‘yeah, it’s good’ – I’ll take that!


So now it’s onwards with paint brush in hand to the next project – it really should be the garden room but a scaffolding tower is proving tricky to come by. And, of course, all the the other children now want their rooms decorated!

Thanks for reading, if you want any info about products I’ve used drop me a message or comment here or on IG @atclaireshouse

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