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Tackling THE MESS

So this is the same before photo from my last post but I thought I’d add in again just to demonstrate what a state the shed was in! This was after I’d dismantled 3 shelves from the wall and cleared 6-7 boxes of ‘stuff’ out – mostly inherited when we moved in…ahem nearly two years ago – shameful but true.

This has surely got to be the worst part of decorating; clearing, sorting, cleaning, prepping. Boring but necessary and strangely once it’s done, a sense of pleasant accomplishment sets in.

Guidelines from the Mr

So there were a few stipulations for the office space; electrics must remain as they were, the same with lighting and most of all it most cost NEXT TO NOTHING…argh! This meant using furniture and shelving we already had and any accessories being home made or super cheap.

OSB lovin

So if you read my previous post you’ll see how after looking in to the OSB material already on the walls and ceiling, it seemed better to work with the material and I’m so pleased I did. The ceiling got a white wash to create a more purposeful look to the design. To disguise the ugly plastic pipes for the electrics I painted a a white line around the room and added geometric shapes for effect. This was a little tedious, measuring and taping to get the lines straight, even though the piping wasn’t! I chose black, to contrast the white and a nude blush tone, to soften the industrial side of the design.

The result made a dramatic statement without having to spend a fortune on paint or artwork. The carpet was an absolute bargain at £39 and we used a spray glue and put it straight on the concrete base.

Painting an old frame black and creating some of my own artwork meant another freebie accessory – big tick!

I also painted some old jam jars to match in with the colour palette for bits and bobs and an old crochet bag is the current plant pot (for now – wink!)

These wire containers are fantastic quality and only just over £3 each from Homebase.

There’s lots of green in here and as it’s an outside office, I wanted to bring the outdoors in. This has led to a new interest/obsession and I can’t wait to put more green in the house too! The armchair is an old second hand find and I made the cushion out of some Ikea fabric I had purchased a few years ago.

Adding a few accessories doesn’t mean spending a fortune, look for what you already have around the home and switch it up! It’s amazing how fresh a space a piece can look in a new environment, without spending a penny! I painted this Ikea Lack table which was a hideous orange, black. It had been hanging around for years and I just hadn’t got round to doing anything with it, it will now be a perfect resting spot for a hot cuppa!

So that is the completed look, the Mr seems really pleased with the results – although has already put in a request for a dartboard and mini-fridge, so I fear this is heading swiftly in to becoming a man-den, rather than office!

If you have any questions about the design or products or just want to let me know your thoughts, please drop me a comment. As always, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Turning our shed in to a garden office

  1. Oooh… love it! Maybe I should turn the garage into a sewing room. Not sure where the bikes, bins, toys and gardening stuff would go though… we don’t have a shed!

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