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What is OSB?

OSB (Oriented strand board) is much like chipboard in that is made up of flakes of wood and glue. It is cheap and can come in a variety of sizes due to the manmade structure.

A happy find

So we recently made the decision to turn our shed/workshop in to an outdoor office for the Mr. Here’s a less than glamorous before shot:

After two full days of grappling with paddling pools, half full paint cans and numerous screws and nails we have finally cleared the space. Originally the thinking was to skim or cover the walls but after clearing and seeing the walls and ceiling were OSB it was time to rethink…and get pinning!

OSB inspiration

A slick painted backdrop with a bold colour create a stylish look.

Using OSB with whites creates a simply, clean and classy look. The OSB adds texture to what might otherwise be a cold look.

OSB furniture is fantastic too. The colour combination and balance of painted and natural material work well on this cupboard.

More is more? Sometimes going all out can create a more unified look that has massive impact. The flooring and ceiling are enough to make the OSB look purposeful and part of a design scheme.

All images are from Pinterest and are linked to the original if clicked on. 

So much inspiration out there! Painted sections and use of other materials with the OSB look great and I can’t wait to get started decorating. There will, of course, be a blog post up soon with all the details but hopefully this may give you some inspiration to use OSB in your home in either a big or small way. We have some leftover so I’m hoping to create a headboard for the (nearly) teenagers room…

Please let me know if you have, would or could use OSB in your homes, either in the comments or tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I’d love to see some more inspiration or hear about your plans!

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