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So as the Easter holidays continue as little crafting is always a good way to keep little ones amused. We had a abundance of eggs from our chickens and I decided to go all retro and do some egg blowing so that the kids (me) could decorate them!

I must emphasis though that this is far from a DIY just for kids though, you could paint intricate and beautiful patterns and use these as part of your Easter decor at any age!

What you’ll need: eggs, a pin, a cocktail stick, a bowl, a straw, paint and string.

A little step by step in with photos, just in case you hadn’t done this process before/for a while (like me!)

  1. Push a pin in the end of the egg, pointy end is best (of the egg, not the pin!)

  2. Push a cocktail stick (or anything a bit larger, sharp and pointy!) in and swirl around to increase the size of the hole and break up the yolk inside

  3. Repeat at the other end
  4. Using a straw over one hole blow until you think all the contacts of the egg has come out (have a bowl ready here), then run warm water inside and blow again to ensure it’s fully empty

  5. Allow the egg to dry out completely, then you can get decorating!

Whilst painting and to dry insert a cocktail stick in to the egg and stick in something that will hold it – I used an orange, but blu-tac, play-doh, a potato – all will work!

You can use any paints but obviously the thicker the better coverage you will get. I used poster paints but they were a little watery for good coverage so acrylic paints may work better if you have them.

We also used Sharpie pens to emphasise some of the shapes or draw small shapes on which allowed more control over the design.

If you want your eggs to hang, after the eggs are dry insert string through the top hole and tie a knot underneath, then create a loop with the top length of string.

You could display these eggs in lots of different ways, I gathered some branches from the garden and added some existing eggs we had for decorations last year, but you could just have them in a pretty bowl, put them in glass jars or even write names on them and use them as place names for an Easter lunch.

Are you doing any Easter DIY? Let me know as we’re always up for more crafting in this house! Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend and as always, thanks for reading!

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